This gutsy village girl blazes away the hard road to glory!

Girls are always expected to sport the spirit of perseverance and unbreakable patience if they ever want to be an achiever. And the challenge is apparent in rural areas.

In the agrarian vast lands of district Mansa, lies a village Kauriwara with a mere couple of hundreds of households. Harshita Jain comes from this village and has broken all stereotypes. She broke the taboo that sports is meant for boys only and girls are meant for household work; and that girls are a burden on families in this patriarchal society.

Harshita was encouraged by her Teachers at Akal Academy Kauriwara to go for running despite snide remarks by her fellow villagers. Akal Academy under the aegis of The Kalgidhar Trust Baru Sahib has always encouraged, empowered, educated girls to take part in sports.

And by sheer hard work with a military regimen and guidance of her coach, Harshita has won the State level race competition in 100 meters dash. Harshita first secured the top place in District levels then finally the Zonal levels before shining at the top of the State levels with a Gold medal.

She not only won hearts, but she also won over her destiny and she won what she deserved, she won the respect which every woman is seeking sitting in that remote village. She became an inspiration for so many girls and she pays her heartfelt gratitude to Akal Academy Kauriwara for educating her and making her choose her own path.

This story offers clues to why so many young dreams would flame, flicker and never die. These girls deserve their chance and may make it big. Somewhere they believe that it will all change, that they will matter.

-Gursanjam Kaur

Source: This gutsy village girl blazes away the hard road to glory! | Baru Sahib


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