Sikh PSA Now Seen by Millions of Americans

Over the past few months, the first-ever Sikh American public service announcement aired for the eight consecutive year! Throughout August and September, Comcast aired the PSA over 192,000 times, with an airtime commitment of nearly $2.1 million — sharing this message that conveys Sikh values, and Sikh American lives, on national television.  The PSA features Sikh American actor and designer, Waris Singh Ahluwalia, and incorporates imagery and videos from Sikh Americans across the country, to increase awareness of, and illustrate how Sikh Americans are a vibrant part of the country.

As a testament to the quality of the production and the continued positive feedback from its viewers, Comcast decided to increase its investment by airing it for two months this year. The 30-second TV spot aired all over the country to viewers watching CNBC, CNN, ESPN, Fox News, HGTV, MSNBC, and other channels in the Comcast network.

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One of SALDEF’s key strategic priorities is to increase the awareness and media presence of Sikh Americans. To that end, SALDEF and Comcast partnered to produce the PSA in 2014, and to date has aired over 1,000,000 times, with donated airtime of over $11.5 million dollars. By conservative estimates, the PSA has been seen over 100 million times, and it is by far the most viewed piece on Sikh Americans ever. 

Get involved in amplifying this Sikh American message by sharing it with your family, friends, and neighbors! Here is how you can share: 

– Post it on Facebook and Twitter and tag us @SALDEF

– Post a screenshot on Instagram and tag us @SikhAmericans

– Share the YouTube link on your social media accounts.

SALDEF and the Sikh American community thank Comcast for their ongoing commitment to creating awareness about diverse communities by dedicating airtime this summer for the Sikh American PSA. Comcast, a global media and technology company, aired this PSA as part of the company’s commitment to educating audiences on a variety of issues. 

These efforts would not be possible without support from our community.

Please make a 100% tax-deductible donation to support SALDEF so we can continue to educate all Americans about our values and make a real and meaningful impact on the perception of Sikhs in this country.

Source: Sikh PSA Now Seen by Millions of Americans – SALDEF


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