MLSS Monthly Farmers Support Update

February 2021

Since the beginning of December, a select few members of our team have been stationed firmly in Delhi, providing continued support to our beloved Farmers.

In that time we have been able to help 10s of 1000’s of people in need in a variety of different ways. But, our work isn’t over yet.

From what began as a peaceful protest and Mela like atmosphere, seemed to turn, quickly overnight to what you may describe as a war zone. Not from the Farmers, but those oppposing them and what they stand for.

Despite this change, our team stood true to their morals and ethics, keeping to the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and kept to the task at hand, offering support to those who need it most.

The Farmers have sustained there protest in huge numbers. MLSS has continued to provide essential humanitarian support and will continue to do so as long as required.

We currently have camps setup in Singhu and Tikri.

We have mobile units that venture around these areas.

To give you some idea of the support we have provided to date:

  • 16,780 tubes of toothpaste
  • 15,500 bottles of shampoos
  • 2000 ladies sanitary towels.

They may seem like small everyday items to us safe in our homes, but to those stuck out here, they can make the biggest difference, especially to those farmers facing harsh outdoor conditions, and suffering as a consequence. 

Hot meals and tea have been a staple of our support. We have been blessed with being able to provide over 350,000 cups of tea and well over 254,023 hot meals.

We have been fortunate to provide 189,560 water bottles in addition to nutritious food. The food we have on hand has consisted of a main meal with soya bean sabji, which has the much needed vitamins and protein to keep farmers strong.

Daily fruit has been arranged for farmers. This includes:

  • 43 tons of oranges
  • 10 tons of bananas
  • 125 boxes of apples.

It has been imperative to us that any food we share out only has the best nutritional value.

In addition to food and water, MLSS have been able to provide essential warm clothing.

The temperature dropped to just above freezing, making heating sources such as warm clothing a must. 

We have been able to provide:

  • 10540 items of thermal clothing
  • 10000 pairs of socks
  • 10400 winter jackets
  • 4800 hats
  • 6000 pairs of gloves
  • 5100 shawls for both men and women
  • 6000 blankets

At the peak of the cold weather, we were supporting over 1000 people a day.

MLSS understands the adverse affect to sleeping rough due to our work in the UK, so were abled and ready to fully assist through these difficult times.

Some of the farmers had left their vilages with clothes hardly uitable for the harsh conditions they were about to be subjected to so the clothing we gave out to them was received with open arms.  

6 weeks ago we setup a manned washing Machine station at Tikri border as no such facilities were available. This has proved to be a huge success.

Alongside this, we have now recently installed an RO plant which is able to filter up to 1000 litres of water per hour, meaning we are now able to source fresh filtered drinking water to over 500 trolley. However, we do aim to increase this number over the coming days and weeks.

We have initiated a process of collecting requirements on the ground and are quickly able to provide support to those in need.  

MLSS is determined to keep providing this assistance and much more to the farmers as the protests continue to take place.

Looking forward, we have plans to act quicker and with more efficiency than we are at this moment.

Please keep up to date with all of our updates. Make sure to check back on our blog each month or visit us on social media at @MidlandLangar.

Thank you!

Source: How our teams are continuing to provide support at the Farmers Protests | Midland Langar Seva Society


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