The unmatched strength shown by Women during the Farmers Protests

International Women’s Day, Domestic Violence Week, and Mothering Sunday is happening in all in one week. We at MLSS wanted to highlight the strong women on the frontline, protesting for their livelihood.

The protests in India, have surpassed the one-hundred-day mark.

On Monday the 8th of March ironically, International Women’s day 2021, the UK MPs raised concerns over the human rights and democratic freedom that are not being advocated in India currently. This week is significant for those who are raising awareness for domestic violence, but additionally mother’s day.

All women, whether grandmothers, mothers, daughters, students, nurses are all participating in the protest. They have faced police brutality, sexual assault and even being imprisoned. The stakes are high in the damage that can be caused to them, yet they still have the courage to fight on for their beliefs.

From all of this dismay, women have raised their voices, and not allowed themselves to be suppressed.

They have continued to use peace over the violence which surrounds them.

But with these protests not yet coming to an end and with the men still protesting, the women have taken to tending the farming and angricultural jobs. Actions similar t what we once saw during WW2. The true strenght of women has always shone through when needed.

The support from the UK has been astounding. Women have stood in solidarity and used social media to share support.

A few weeks ago, one of the biggest stars in the world, Rhianna, expressed concern over the lack of coverage. This in itself brought more much needed media attention to the goings on India!

What have MLSS being doing to help? We have been providing hygiene essentials such as toothbrushes, sanitary towels, soap, and many other necessary basics. We have even set up water supplies and tanks at current protest locations, and we are continuing our effort with the immense help from the Punjab MLSS team.

Our CEO Randhir Singh Heer visited the protesting site, and spoke to an elder woman, and her responses were reflected that of no fear.

She stated “I have been here five months, I’m not scared, one day I will die anyway.”

She was asked if she was worried or cold. She simply replied “I am not worried, and no I am not cold, I still have my strength.”

Watching this conversation confirmed to MLSS, that as women, no matter our age, we should never be scared of what is right and how we make something right. Our voice, our culture and identify should always remain prevalent.

However, it is for ourselves to ask, what does this show or tell us about the women on the ground?

For all women it shows determination, bravery and the meaning to carry on.

It is this weekend on mother’s day and a week of such female importance, that we at MLSS encourage you to take in your surroundings to appreciate all mothers, sisters, and daughters. To admire, and look up to our mothers, daughters and sisters.

Let us applaud our women.

“So why call her bad, from whom Kings are born.” – Guru Nanak

Source: The unmatched strength shown by Women during the Farmers Protests | Midland Langar Seva Society


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