First Ever Sikh Action Figure – Bhai Baaj Singh

March 16, 2022 by Sikh Entrepreneur

Last time I got excited when Taran Singh of Taran3d launched his kick starter project and created a fantastic statue of famous 18th Century Sikh Warrior – Garja Singh.

Now we have our very own Sikh action figure.

Bhai Baaj Singh
Bhai Baaj Singh – Khalsa Toys

Baaj Singh is the World’s First Sikh Action Figure Toy. He comes tyar bar tyar, forever ready for battle with his Dhaal (Shield) and Khanda (Double-Edged Sword) Inspiring Sikh children to take pride in their Image, Identity and Culture.

The backstory to this character is related to The beautiful land of Panjab has been ransacked by the latest invasion of Kalyug’s Armies. Now all hopes of peace lie in the hands of a small group of Khalsa Fauj. Baaj Singh, a Spiritual Warrior from a humble village, leads this Jatha of resistance battling against the Evil of Kalyug’s Armies.

It’s the first of its kind. Most of us grow up with the likes of he-man, transformers, ken and barbie, the turtles and Thundercats. But now the time of the Sikh Action Figure has started.

Sukh Singh director at Khalsa Toy Store shared the following with Unsaid digital.

“Growing up we’ve all had idols, superheros and heroines we felt drawn to and inspired by. However, why did none of our action figures, kids toys or magical characters represent us when we have such a rich and iconic history of truly inspiring people.

“It’s imperative for young children to learn the tales of our forefathers and mothers and feel proud of their heritage.”

“This is why we want to introduce our image and identity to the toys and collectables industry where we will standout just as we are supposed to, thanks to the blessings and Paatshahi bestowed upon us by our beloved Guru.”

You can find out more about Bhai Baaj Singh here. Bhai Baaj Singh was a very strong and brave Sikh. His bravery and fighting skills were famous far and wide.  When Bhai Baaj Singh was caught and brought to Delhi, he remained in high spirits and could be heard singing Gurbani loudly and saying Vaheguru Vaheguru all the time.

  • 6 inch Action Figure Toy
  • Traditional Sikh Warrior Garments
  • Armoured Chest Plate
  • Double Edged Sword
  • Hardened Shield
  • Fully Movable Joints

For more information about this action figure go to

Source: First Ever Sikh Action Figure – Bhai Baaj Singh | Sikh Entrepreneur


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