Sutter County DA Mischaracterizes Facts as Fight for Accountability in Rouble Claire Case Continues

May 12, 2022 — The Sikh Coalition continues to demand accountability and justice for Rouble Claire, a Sikh man threatened and harassed with racial slurs and graffiti in Sutter, California, one year ago. Via remarks to the press (here and here), Sutter County District Attorney Amanda Hopper has stated that “If the alleged information contained in the civil documents are accurate, then my office has not received all of the reports and evidence referenced” and confirmed that if “all evidence [is] submitted to the District Attorney’s Office, we will conduct a new review and legal analysis of the facts and make a filing decision.”

In response, the Sikh Coalition issued the following statement attributable to Legal Director Amrith Kaur Aakre (she/her):

“Reports indicate that the Sutter County District Attorney’s Office (SCDAO) was made aware of this case in September of 2021 by the Sheriff’s office, and then in both November of 2021 and February of this year, the Sikh Coalition also reached out to them to lay out all of the evidence in this case and explain the charges that we believe to be warranted based in the facts.” 

“The eyewitness account corroborates that the individual who was harassing Mr. Claire at the grocery store one year ago was acting in a dangerous and threatening manner. We disagree with the assertion that there is new information in these ‘civil documents’ that the SCDAO was not aware of: this information has been presented to the SCDAO repeatedly, and is simply being made public for the first time. At any point, the SCDAO could have proactively investigated this case, asked questions, or met with our legal team as we requested; it is always incumbent on a DA’s office to determine what charges are appropriate in a case, regardless of what police recommend.” 

“Nevertheless, we are glad to hear that the SCDAO is now committed to reconsidering this case in light of all the facts. We are eager to engage with them directly: Justice for Mr. Claire has been too long delayed, but they can make it right.”

Since Tuesday, May 10, numerous community members have emailed the SCDAO calling for appropriate charges to be brought in this case. The advocacy platform to contact the Sutter County DA remains open for concerned citizens to engage.  

The Sikh Coalition remains eager to have a conversation with the SCDAO about this case and how to most expediently achieve appropriate justice for Mr. Claire. Please view our original statement on Mr. Claire’s fight for justice here, and reach out to with questions. 

Source: Sutter County DA Mischaracterizes Facts as Fight for Accountability in Rouble Claire Case Continues  – Sikh Coalition


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