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    The Association of Sikh Professionals 2917 Oakbrook Hills Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA
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For the past 32 years Association of Sikh Professionals has funded a broad array of projects globally. These projects include providing assistance to 1984 victims in Amritsar, producing a video showcasing Bhagat Puran Singh Ji’s work, holding seminars where successful Sikh professionals share their experiences with Sikh youth, Guru Harkrishan Sahib Eye Hospital at Sohana (near Chandigarh), Sikh National College Qadian, Hole-In-Wall initiative (Punjab), providing support to Sikh Camps and Sikh student associations at Universities in America, helping fund the Sikh float at the annual Rose Day Parade at Pasadena, and providing startup money years ago to some of well-known Sikh non-profit organizations in America today, namely SALDEF and Sikh Coalition. ASP continues on the look-out of new community based ventures with a focus on educational initiatives. ASP recognizes that the future of the Panth is definitively in the hands of our younger generation and by helping them become successful professionals they are solidifying the Sikh community as an important, respected, contributing part of American society. Sikh students often face great adversity throughout their education such as bullying, isolation and racism. ASP believes our community should do everything it can to support them through this educational journey. ASP is investing it’s resources into initiatives such as the Sikh Education Fund which helps make levels of higher education more affordable for Sikh- American students as well as aiding Sikh Student projects at the Universities across the country that help bring greater awareness of Sikhi to the American people.

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Dr. Jang Bahadur Singh – Chairperson, MA, USA
Dr. Harinderjit Singh
Dr. Daljeet Singh
Dr. Jagmeet S Soin
Mr. Guljit Singh