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Langar on Campus

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Tuesday 12th November 2019 marks 550 years since Sikhism started with the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. And yet its values live on in the youth as BCU Sikh Society. Students will launch their 5th Langar on Campus. Taking place on the ground floor of Millennium Point, Curzon Street from 11am to 3:30pm, members of the Sikh society will celebrate their Guru’s birthday by serving others. The event is supported by Birmingham City University Student’s Union and British Organisation of Sikh Students. Karanjit Kaur, the BCU Sikh Society President said: “This event is open to all regardless of colour, background or religion. It’s an amazing event as we are spreading Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message of humanity and serving other people. We are celebrating this event very early this year as the date we have chosen is very special to us Sikhs. This date was the start of our religion when our first Guru created Sikhi. Sikh society has had a major impact on my life and makes me personally connect with God. We hope to see you all at the event may God please us with more selfless seva.” Sukhbir Singh, the Vice President of BCU Sikh Society said: “The purpose of having Langar (free kitchen) on campus is to promote oneness and equality no matter what race, culture, religion and status. It was started by our first Guru (Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji), hence why the Langar on Campus is being held earlier this year to celebrate the 550th Gurpurab of our Guru Ji. From previous years we’ve noticed that doing this seva provides an excellent opportunity for Sikh students to engage positively in their student life.”

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Secretary - Jaspreet Singh
Participation and Inclusion Officer - SIMRANVIR KAUR
Marketing Officer - SARABJEET SINGH RODA