Bhat Sikh Community 730 Harinder Nagar Sirhind Road Patiala 147001 India

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    Bhat Sikh Community 730 Harinder Nagar Sirhind Road Patiala 147001 India
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    Bhat Sikh Community 730 Harinder Nagar Sirhind Road Patiala 147001 India
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    Devinder Singh Takpaul
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If our community had suffered due to poor image and weak economic conditions, it surely is for want of adequate formal education and proper grooming up of our children for a long time. “This needs to be identified as being the main reason responsible for our weak financial state” It therefore calls for the greater need to make sure that our children and wards are sent to schools/colleges & universities without any delay or excuse.It may be mentioned here that there are so many govt. sponsored employment oriented schemes/other facilities. We need to take stock of such schemes /facilities for the benefit of our children. It is indeed heartening to note that presently, most of the children including girls are taking education in good schools/colleges. This is a most welcome thought and we need to further appreciate the parents to make sure that their children complete the concerned course/training in all circumstances, no matter if their income means are not adequate. Remember always, where there is a will, there is a way. Let us all bear in mind that we need to invest into the making of bright future of our wards/children and rest assure, it is bound to help our community and the society and the country at large. We have large number of well-wishers in our community. It is high time they should adopt bright children of our community and bear their expenses towards completing higher education. Similarly, we may sponsor children of poor and needy members of our community for the professional course such as tailoring, embroidery.nursing ,lab assistants,etc.etc. especially for our girls. AWARD MONEY starting from Rs. one lakh or above to be given on the basis of securing top position to a children of our community,yearly basis. We are confident that many community loving persons, will like to sponsor the above proposal to be implemented at the state level, to start with. Let us say this is just the bigning and yes,will enable our children to rise to such inspiring and meaningful PROPOSITION. You may ask for any further detail, in case you wish to sponsor”” AWARD TO MERITORIOUS STUDENTS OF OUR COMMUNITY ” proposal, through email or by post at the address specified in our website.

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RAMANDEEP SINGH (Technical Director)