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The BSR was founded by Jasvir Singh in 2012 and is created annually by a team of research analysts, lawyers, academics, social workers, senior consultants and managers who work on the BSR on a voluntary basis.[1] The Editor of the report is Jagdev Singh Virdee MBE who is a British statistician.[2][3] The report takes approximately 500 man hours and costs £30,000 to create every year.[4] The purpose of BSR is to "identify the needs and wants of the 432,000 strong Sikh population in the UK."[5] The BSR is "one of the few large-scale surveys undertaken of Britain's Sikhs" and it is one of the largest projects to study this group of people in the country.[6][7] BSR is launched annually in Parliament.[8][9] The report has been quoted in the British Parliament, referred to in pieces of research and white papers relating to Sikhs or faith in general, and used by public bodies, the corporate sector and third sector groups.[10][11] The report is also meant to help other non-Sikh organisations better work with Sikhs in the UK.[12] The BSR fills a gap in information relating to modern Sikhs in Britain.[11] In 2019, the report was used to support the first Sikh National History and Awareness Month. [13]


Chairman Jasvir Singh OBE
Editor of the BSR Jagdev Singh Virdee MBE
Academic Advisor Dr Jagbir Jhutti-Johal OBE