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    Surrey Centre for Natural Health, Mansfield Road, Chessington, UK
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Dr Gurpreet Kaur

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We offer online or face to face counselling. It can be difficult to know when to reach out for help, especially in south Asian communities where issues are kept within families. However, when difficulties become too much to cope with it is important to access help as soon as possible to prevent the difficulties from worsening. I understand that our community is small and that the thought of people finding out about difficulties can be worrying, which is why I pay utmost respect to my professional requirements ensuring confidentiality and respect for privacy for all clients I work with. I offer therapeutic support to individuals, couples and families. I am experienced in working with young people and adults and have worked with many different difficulties throughout my career. Many people I work with are also eager to explore their identity as a Sikh and to think about what it means to them. Exploring whether they can draw strength from their Sikh faith can allow people to leave therapy with an increased sense of identity. I am happy to think holistically while working in ways that are evidence based. I also work with organisations such as schools, care homes and businesses in thinking about managing changes, exploring motivation, reflecting on workplace difficulties and also training staff on recognising mental health difficulties. If you are not sure whether you need support or you are struggling to find a way out of your current situation, I would encourage you to reach out and seek the support you need. I am happy to offer a free 15 minute consultation on the phone.

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