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Helping Needy Punjabi Girls

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The Project Helping needy daughters of Punjabi widows is very close to our hearts in the GSEF family. It can infact be called our raison d’etre. After careful observations, we came to a consensus that the fatherless daughters of our community, are indeed experiencing extreme hardship in the today’s society. It’s time that we all realized our duty towards this section of our community and help them achieve their dreams. An on the ground study was conducted by our Punjab team and a policy drawn up to provide relief to them. We are now a registered body in Punjab. It was decided that GSEF will help pay for school / college fees (and may be some education related expenses) to qualifying candidates who apply for it. As per our policy, instead of paying the monies to the students, the funds will be paid directly to the school/college. This project will also include inculcation of spiritual and moral values and self-defense course (e.g. GATKA, Judo etc.). We realize that after their successful graduation from college, these students would require further assistance while trying to establish themselves in their careers. We intend to deliberate and take a call for the same in due course.

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