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Waheguru Simran During Month of November 2020

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Sadh Sangat Ji, We hope all families are keeping safe and adjusting to the Fall time change. As we begin the month of November, we are also inviting the sangat to partake in Waheguru simran during the evenings as of November 1st. We have not forgotten the events of 1984 nor 1947. Also, in our daily Ardaas, we are reminded of many historical events and sacrifices of the past. So, no doubt, most recently we are joining in prayers for the well being of kissans, Punjab and Punjabiat. To pay tribute to our history and to pray for the well being of our future, please participate in paath and evening simran. Naam simran enables us to meditate by believing in the power of Waheguru. It helps us to refocus our mind and to build the capacity for greater internal strength and peace.

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