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The Sikh Genocide 84 book

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The official launch of the Sikh Genocide 84 book took place on Friday, 14 June 2019 in Gray’s Inn Square, Central London. It was attended by around 70 guests. The speakers were Lord Carlile CBE QC, Ravi Singh (CEO of Khalsa Aid), Robin Marsh (Secretary General of The Universal Peace Federation), Nazar Lodhi (former councillor and head of a charity promoting community cohesion and human rights) and Justice Anup Singh Choudry, one of the authors of the book. All of the guest speakers have worked in various ways on issues relating to genocide. Lord Carlile, who wrote the Foreward to the book and has been an independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, hosted the launch. Lord Carlile’s own family were victims of the holocaust. Lord Carlile described the book as “one of the most remarkable volumes in its genre”. He praised the book for containing not only the story of the Sikh genocide, but also for containing the supporting evidence and material. He also noted that “it’s the sort of book that says guilty guilty guilty guilty throughout, because nobody could deny what happened if they have just leafed through the book”. Justice Choudry said in his speech that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP had criticised the Congress government for the Sikh genocide. For instance, on 9 May 2019, the BJP tweeted “It’s on record of Nanavati Commission that probed the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the biggest genocide of India, in which the government killed its own citizens, that instructions to kill came directly from the then PM Rajiv Gandhi’s office. The country awaits justice for this karma.” Notwithstanding this, Justice Choudry also highlighted various chapters from the book, demonstrating that isssues relating to the Sikh genocide are still continuing and the book is a must in educating future generations about the genocide.

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