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Janamsakhi Movies

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Gurdwara Aid are supporting this ithihasic project where cinema-quality short films, each around 30 mins long can be made of the janamsakhis, the stories of our Gurus, that are easy to watch and are memorable for all. Each short film costs around £20,000 to make from the research, scriptwriting, shooting, music score, editing, the actors and actresses to the final production. We hope to continue this project through your donations and support. he first movie is called Nanak Noor eh Elahee. We are grateful that Dr Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke has researched and written both the script and the lyrics for this. There are several janamsakhis. The backdrop of this movie is the B40 janamsakhi (sometimes known as the “puratan” or the “valaeti” janamsakhis) as translated by Bhai Vir Singh ji. Research has to be carried out to match the sakhis and decide which elements to use and how to express them in a short film. The Janamsakhi of this movie is when Guru Nanak Dev ji visited Shikarpur on the way back from Turkistan to Kartarpur. Turkistan is in Central Asia and inhabited by the Turkic people, often referred to as “tur-k” in Gurbani and who speak the ‘Tur-kic’ language. They are more commonly known as the mongols or in India as ‘mughals’, and are the descendants of Ghengis Khan’s mongols. Timur or Taimur saw himself as the heir to Ghengis Khan and founded the Timurid empire. After the mughals conquered Persia (‘Khorasan’), they turned towards India. Babur was a descendant of both Timur and Ghengis Khan, and the first mughal to conquer and rule India, at the time Guru Nanak Dev ji.

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