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Langar Day

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Langar Day is all about equality, spreading a positive message, and helping end world hunger. Langar is a community kitchen where everyone is welcome to serve and to eat. We feed 6 million people worldwide every single day but there are a lot more than 6 million people who are hungry. With Langar we all sit on the same level on the floor and share the same meal. Sikhism is about humanity and equality. A king sits no higher than a servant-all life is equal. It’s all about compassion and learning to serve others. Serving food is a great way to learn how to give. ​Every day, we see people turning eyes and turning away from problems. When someone needs help, we think that it’s not our problem or we don’t need to help them so we turn a blind eye. However, what Langar is teaching us is to serve others. When we see someone that needs support we put ourselves in their shoes and help out.

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