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Mission Statement The mission of the Khalsa School is to instill the Sikh religion values and teachings by emphasizing spirituality, compassion, truthfulness, hard work, charity, and sewa, for leading a life of an exemplary good human being. Goals of the Khalsa School Teaching Punjabi, Learning Sikh History, Understanding Sikh Heritage and its Values. These goals will be disseminated under three domains: Punjabi Curriculum: Will provide knowledge of Punjabi language and Gurmukhi script. Gurmat Curriculum: Will provide knowledge of Sikh history and Gurbani. Sikh Way of Life: Will teach good character building skills through Weekly Guru’s Messages (hard work, practicing compassion, sewa etc ). Comprehensively the School will provide students with a community and an enriched environment, where they will grow up feeling proud of their Sikh heritage. They will learn to be comfortable with the Sikh identity, will practice the Sikh way of life, and when they grow will raise Gursikh families and become good productive citizens of the country. Curriculum Objectives and Instructions: Khalsa School Curriculum has been designed to enable students: To learn Gurmukhi script, read and write Punjabi Texts. Read and comprehend Gurbani from Sri Guru Granth Sahibji. Be able to speak Punjabi Language, so that they can be comfortable in Punjabi social environment. A Modern System of Teaching Punjabi: We have adopted the textbooks of San Jose, California, Khalsa School System, as they are based on the United States Education System. These contain proven successful strategies to teach a second language. Their coursework includes excellent teaching materials and exercise books. Furthermore, as we understand these books are continuously revised to include the most updated research on teaching language. These books are also being used in several schools in the USA, Canada and, Australia. Supplemental teaching material will also be incorporated on as need basis. Gurmat Curriculum: 1.Memorize Japuji Sahib. 2.Learn about Sikh Gurus’ lives and sakhis 2018 Registrations are now open for new students. Level 1-5 for Gurmukhi script will be taught. Baalvaari class offered for kids under 5 years old. We celebrate birthdays of all students whose birthday fall in a particular month by doing Sehaj Paath. At the end of the month, Paath will conclude and we will listen to 9th mahala together, do Ardaas for the blessings and guidance for children’s success in their life. Student Enrollment Form Gurmat Sangeet Academy Kirtan and music classes: 6:30PM – 8:30PM on Friday conducted by Ustad Bhai Naib Singh Nimana.

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