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The Kaur Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving communities by bringing Sikh cultural educational tools to K-12 classrooms. In this time of uncertainty, it is essential that students have an understanding and appreciation for other cultures. In order to help raise awareness about the Sikh-American culture, Kaur Foundation has developed high-quality, survey-based educational resources known as, "The Cultural Safari". Adopt a School Campaign Help Kaur Foundation reach 100 more schools by the end of 2018! Adopting a School includes: Distributing Kaur Foundation’s resources to the school (see www.culturalsafari.org for details) Training educators who will be using these resources Embedding our resources in the county / district curriculum to prepare for educating more students in future years Supporting Sikh students in classrooms The problem with our education system is that everyone is not represented. According to a Sikh Coalition study, 54% of Sikh students in this country have experienced bullying and harassment in school. We believe a Sikh-centered unit in history curricula could drastically improve those statistics. Support Kaur Foundation educator training sessions this year.

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