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    18418 Carlwyn Dr, Castro Valley, CA 94546, United States
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Mata Bhag Kaur Education Fund

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Mata Bhaag Kaur Educational Fund is a fund created to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged Gursikh girls. This will NOT ONLY allow them to be successful in life BUT pave the way for stronger and educated Sikh Community. All Gursikh Girls who are Amritdhari and regular with at least 7 bania nitnem (Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tveprasaad Swayiye, Benti Chaupai, 40 Pauri Anand Sahib, Sodar, Sohilla), 5 Kakaars and minimum 3.3 GPA consistently in the past are eligible to apply. It is available to professional graduate and undergraduate programs only (e.g. law, nursing, teaching, CPA, engineering, medicine, pre-med, undergrad for pharma etc.). "I am humbly grateful to have received the Mata Bhaag Scholarship and with this financial support I’m confident that I will be able to further continue my education and thrive as a gursikh. I highly appreciate being chosen for this scholarship and I will use it to study at college and pursue my passion in Business Administration, Information Technology. It is an honor to receive this scholarship from Khalsa Media. Thank you for your consideration and generosity" - Scholarship Recipient Application forms and rules guidelines are available at http://www.khalsamedia.org/km/mata-bhaag-kaur-education-fund