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Know about Hydrocephalus disease

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Recently, we got a chance to serve a child ' Jai Veer,' this six months old kid suffering from a condition called 'Hydrocephalus,' also known as "water in the brain". Hydrocephalus Hydrocephalus is a condition related to cephalic disorders in which brain filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CFS). Also known as “Water in the brain”. Hydrocephalus consists of two words Hydro and Rhipicephalus. Here hydro is related to cerebrospinal fluid (CFS) and rhipicephalus related to hard tick or dog tick which takes large blood meals and increase dramatically in size. In general, hydrocephalus is a condition in which head continually swells and forms a rhipicephalus or balloon or fan head like shape. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CFS) Cerebrospinal fluid (CFS) is a body fluid which is colorless in nature present in the brain and spinal cord. It continuously produced and drained. It cushions the brain, protects the nervous system, removes the waste and provides nutrients within the brain and spinal cord. CFS produced in ventricles (a set of four interconnected cavities), in the brain. The ventricles allow the flow of CFS through the ventricular system within the central canal and brain continuously. The process of production and recycling of CFS continuously circulates within the brain and spinal cord by the ventricular system. It plays a big role in brain development in the growing period. Cause Due to some cephalic disorders which may depend on various factors (disturbance in recycling) flow of CFS blocks and it backs up. Head swells to make room for the excess of fluid. Children whose bones are matured enough have painful headaches and small babies head grow enormously like rhipicephalus or balloon-like shape Consequences Pressure increased on the brain due to excess fluid CFS may cause mental and physical abnormalities, eye disorders and even death. With timely treatment and diagnosis, it can be cured successfully. Treatment In most cases, a tube (shunt) inserted surgically into a ventricle to drain excess fluid. For more details you can visit these websites: 1. Mayo Clinic 2. The new England General of Medicine 3. Hydrocephalus Wikipedia 4. Children's Hospital Boston

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