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Project GN550 (Guru Nanak Asra 550)

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Since the start of MLSS back in 2013, we have grown exponentially and managed to support people in their thousands each week, reaching far and wide in order to do so. With every passing year, the team have taken on new projects and integrated new means to bring meaningful help to those who truly need it, no matter where they are in the world or who they are and choose to be. In 2014, we introduced the Guru Nanak Dev Ji Langar Bus to do just that. Now in 2019, we are saying hello to and pursuing our next major project , GN550 (Guru Nanak Asra 550). Why 550! well it is to celebrate the 550th birth anniversary (Gurpurab) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Yes 550 years! no better time to launch this great project!

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    250 Volunteers

Randhir Singh Heer (Chair)
Bhupinder Singh Nijjer
Ajitpal Singh Lotay
Bhupinder Singh Heer
Joginder Singh Nijjar
Parmjit Singh Bahyia