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Gatka Training

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The National Gatka Association of India (NGAI), Gatka Association- Punjab, and World Gatka Federation (WGF) had formulated and standardized in-depth rules and regulations for playing of Gatka game. These Gatka organizations provide training to the budding Gatkebaaz by organising workshops, seminars and coaching camps free of cost under these rules. In this regard affiliated Gatka Associations in all states have been conducting proper training camps for aspiring students studying in upper schools, technical, medical and polytechnics to prepare Gatka teams for school Gatka games and inter-varsity Gatka championships. To tone up the skills of martial art and impart proper coaching to the Gatkebaaz, the Gatka Associations also organises weeklong free special Gatka summer camps at national, state, districts and sub-division level to train them as officials who conducts competitions. Besides this, NGAI plans to establish specialised Gatka Training Centres (GTCs) in all the States to give impetus to training and coaching. Furthermore the WGF had already signed a MOU with Punjabi University Patiala in 2013 to launch diploma course in Gatka Training having one year duration to enable the graduates for employability as Gatka coaches/instructors. Besides, the university will also conduct scientific research on Gatka and equipment for further enhancement and development of Gatka game. In addition to this the NGAI and International Sikh Martial Art Council (ISMAC) will also establish an Advanced Gatka Training and Research Institute in Punjab to impart proper training and scientific research techniques to Gatka players.

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