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Covid-2019 Response Team

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A number of NASMDA members serve on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. NASMDA has been actively responding to the community’s questions related to broader issues of pandemic containment (e.g., social distancing, driver safety, stopping the spread, dealing with anxiety) and placing these in a cultural context. NASMDA members have been directly helping to translate documents from organizations such as the CDC into Punjabi resources for Sikh communities and institutions. Providing awareness within and outside the Sikh community as clinical experts, and raising awareness of Sikh-related issues such as how to properly address issues related to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for its members and community. As new knowledge and information is gained about COVID-19, NASMDA has been developing content and educating in a timely fashion. Responding to a crisis like this is not possible without team work. All the materials and response has been prepared and presented with help and support from the following individuals and organizations. This list in no way is comprehensive.

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