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The Valiant - Jaswant Singh Khalra (Punjab Distribution)

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In 1995, the Indian state abducted, tortured, and murdered human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra for uncovering thousands of enforced disappearances, custodial killings and illegal cremations of Sikhs by the Punjab Police. Gurmeet Kaur, author of Fascinating Folktales of Punjab takes her young readers on an interesting and inspiring journey through the life and times of Jaswant Singh while painting in the backdrop — the recent history of Sikhs and Punjab that every child must know. We aim to take this book to every child from and of Punjab. In the second Punjab edition we aim to print 10,000 copies in both languages so children may learn about their recent history which has been denied to them for the last 36 years since 1984. The funds will help us print books in Punjab for distribution to schools and teachers / activists in villages to organize study groups. They will also cover the expenses involved in reaching out, conducting essay competitions based on the books and rewarding studies. Since we are printing a dual language edition - it will help children with mastering the language skills of the second language (English in Punjab and Punjabi in the diaspora).

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