Lot 7 Kargotich Road Oldbury, WA 6121, Australia

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    Lot 7 Kargotich Road Oldbury
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    Lot 7 Kargotich Road Oldbury, WA 6121, Australia
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    +61 0433 557 042
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    Balbir Singh
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Preservation of Core Sikh History

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With so much odd things happening around specially in Punjab, we are on the verge of exposure to note the differences in our core Scriptures, Sikh History and other historical facts with so much interference of local government into internal affairs of Sikhs. With no coordination and leadership to guide Sikhs to save their history and Scriptures which were blessed to us by our GURUs , unfortunately if we didn't make consistent planned and detailed efforts our future generations will be confused with the new false literature introduced as part of Sikhism which is not true. Sahibzada Fateh Singh Jee Inc. considers its moral and basic duty to save the Sikh history and our Scriptures as these are bestowed to us for the future generations in next 300-500 years or more. The originality will help whoever is a Sikh by true means to seek blessings of GURU Sahib by sticking to the TRUTH introduced and ordered to Sikhs to follow. Sahibzada Fateh Singh Jee Inc. without any reason or priority has plans to continuously and consistently work on projects to preserve Sikh history and Scriptures such as SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JEE (SGGS JEE), SRI DASAM GRANTH SAHIB JEE (SDGS JEE), VARAAN (Bhai Gurdaas Jee), Sabad by Bhai Nand Lal Goyaa and literature of Bhai Veer Singh Jee to name few main Sikh literature. Sahibzada Fateh Singh Jee Inc. will make all efforts to set up one original and correct copy of all main Sikh Scriptures for future references with use of latest technology to preserve to as far as possible.

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