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The process The bride and the groom need to visit us (parents are also welcome) stating their intention to get married at the Bhawan on a chosen date. The Bhawan will then issue them with completed marriage ceremony forms (one for the bride and one for the groom) with the details of the couple and the proposed date of the marriage. These forms will be signed by our marriage register. The bride and the groom need to take these to their local register office for registration. They may be seen immediately or given an appointment – allow 2 weeks for this process. The registration office will display form stating the bride and groom’s intention to get married at their office for 28 days (this period is known as the cooling off period) so that the people of the Borough know that you are getting married and to whom. On the completion of this process you will be given a form 262 (also known as the Blue Form) which you need to bring to the Bhawan only then the Civil Marriage takes place. A dedicated registrar will be appointed by the Bhawan to conduct your Civil Marriage Ceremony. You will be able to talk to him about any concerns you may have about the wedding or the process. Ideally, you need to allow between 6 – 8 weeks for this process. If possible, please try to visit the Bhawan at least 2 months before the date and book a slot for your civil ceremony. If the Anand Karaj ceremony is also going to take place at the Bhawan the civil marriage ceremony will be performed before the religious marriage.

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