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SALDEF addresses issues related to civil rights, misrepresentation in the media, school bullying and educating non-Sikhs.

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SALDEF has been empowering the Sikh American community and protecting its rights and religious freedoms by: 1. Providing legal services in such matters as workplace and housing discrimination, protecting Sikh articles of faith, public accommodation, and other civil rights and civil liberties issues. 2. Conducting religious awareness training for government, law enforcement agencies and private businesses, including the FBI, U.S. Department of Justice, FAA, TSA, federal counter-terrorism officials, and local law enforcement agencies. 3. Leading the effort to formulate and support legislation directly benefiting the Sikh American community. SALDEF has participated in multiple Congressional hearings and is active in coalitions to pass comprehensive hate crimes, racial profiling, and workplace discrimination legislation and is the only Sikh American organization accepted for membership into the Leadership Conference for Civil Rights, the nation's oldest and largest umbrella civil rights organization. 4. Creating and distributing publications aimed at educating the media, schools, and government agencies about Sikhs, including the U.S. Department of Education. 5. Conducting of community outreach programs and educational strategy sessions to empower the Sikh American community to help exercise its rights. 6. Monitoring the media and responding to inaccuracies and/or misrepresentations of Sikh Americans and Sikhism.

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