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Libraries provide a great source of information for members of the public, students and professionals alike. There is nothing quite like sifting through a shelf of books to see what catches your eye, or reading a book to learn from a reputable source, even in this modern age of internet information. The local library is usually the first port of call for someone who wants to know more about the Sikh way of life or a particular aspect of it. However in our experience, the range of books that are available to read is quite limited, often due to a lack of funds. This means that people go away empty-handed, or with an inadequate book for what theyw ant to know. This project initiated by the SEC looks to fill that gap. We are inviting Sikhs or other interested members of the public to raise money with family, friends and neighbours for a more wide-ranging set of Sikh books to donate to their local library. We source the books at a most competitive rate and provide them to you at cost price. We will also speak on your behalf to your library manager to make sure they can accommodate the new books and are happy to accept them.

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What you have to do:

1. Visit your local library and make a brief list of the books that they offer about the Sikh way of life (check both the Religion and South Asian sections);
2. Send us a message with the name and address of your library, as well as the list of books you found there;
3. Once you receive our reply, you can start raising the money you need to buy a set of books to donate to your library!
It’s that simple! We have a few collections of books to suit all budgets and libraries, so don’t let that hold you back. And we’ll also provide you with a secure online space to make your own and use to raise the money!

If you are a school, college or university student we would love to hear from you too and invite you to take on this noble project at your place of education. Again, we will be happy to liaise with library staff on your behalf and although some of the requirements are different for educational institutions, we’ll do our best to help your library have a more wide-ranging selection of books about Sikhi!


Dr Pargat Singh (Chair)
Arminder Singh Panesar
Ranbir Singh Calay
Arminder Singh Khangura
Harwinder Singh Mander
Narvir Singh