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Gurmat School

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The Sikh Foundation of Virginia (SFV) Gurmat School helps students learn Punjabi and improve their understanding and practice of Gurmat. The curriculum is based on teachings of the Sikh Scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The School year is from Sept-May, and classes are held at the SFV Gurdwara Sahib every Sunday from 10:30 am – 12:15 pm, excluding holidays. Students also participate in special events and service projects throughout the year, and in a 3-day Youth Camp in July. Registration for students aged 6-18 years begins in August. A nominal fee is charged, as an indicator of parental support. Students are grouped by age and prior knowledge of Punjabi. This enables teachers to tailor the curriculum for Punjabi, Gurmat, and Sikh history classes to the needs of each Group. Teachers and Sangat volunteers provide individualized attention as needed. Each class session is for 30-45 minutes, and regular attendance is expected. Parental involvement in their students’ education, and as resource persons for the School on a voluntary basis, is encouraged. The School coordinator and teachers run the school relatively independently, with administrative support, resources and oversight provided by the SFV management and Board of Trustees. Sangat contributions and suggestions are welcome at all times. Activities in 2016-17 In 2016-17, the following types of activities enriched the learning experience of students attending the Gurmat School. As expected, the activity mix and emphasis varied by age Group. Gurbani (memorizing and reading Nitnem Banis and Ardas) Kirtan and musical instruments (voluntary attendance) Reinforcing Sikh identity (various annual and special events, parades, Camps) Punjabi reading and writing (personalized, to facilitate learning) Sikh history (Guru period, Sakhis, later period, recent events) Sikh beliefs and philosophy (plus their application to daily life) Sikh rehat maryada (expected practices and personal behavior) Seva opportunities (various service projects, traditional activities, volunteering) Leadership development (through debates, public speaking, activism) Personal development (through mentoring, volunteering, training as Camp counselor). Plans for 2017-18 In 2017-18, the Gurmat School program will be further strengthened to emphasize learning of Punjabi and a deeper understanding and practice of Gurmat. Improved classroom facilities and teaching methods will help better target the educational program and curriculum to the needs of students. The combination of a more-focused Gurmat education program, enhanced student effort and parental involvement, continued dedication and commitment of School teachers, and greater oversight and financial support from the Board of Trustees will facilitate the further development of SFV youth. Registration is ongoing. We welcome all returning as well as new students. For more information and the registration form, or if you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the School, please contact the Youth Coordinator or the School/program coordinators and teachers.

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Management Committee Members:
Surjeet Singh Sidhu - Chairman
Sarbjit Singh Kochhar - Secretary
Devinder Singh Behniwal - Treasurer
Harmohinder Singh Chahal - Public Relations Officer
Harjit Singh Chawla - IT / Audio-Visual

Other Board members:
Harpal Singh Sambe - Maintenance
Sukhbir Singh Sekhon - Langar Coordinator
Paramjit Singh Sachdeva - Youth & Education
Manjit Singh Taneja - Sikh Affairs Coordinator, Library Coordinator, Health Coordinator
Ajaib Singh - Security Coordinator
Amarjit Singh Riat - Membership/By-Laws
Hakam Singh Saund - Construction