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Online Reference Library of the Sikh Research and Education Center

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The Online Refererence Library Project is an ever-expanding collection of resources compiled and edited by the members of the Sikh Research and Education Center and our associates. We, at the Sikh Research and Education Center, are for the promoting of the Genuine Sikh Teachings World-wide. This is the real spread of Sikh Faith and the only way to create the Sikh Majority, which will create the Sikh Homeland under the Sun. This was the way the revered Gurus established the firm roots of the Divine Faith for all times to come. And by His Grace, the True People's Rule will be established - one may call it Ram Raj or Khalsa Raj - where all will be treated as Equals, No One will dominate the other - will cause no fear to others and will accept no fear from any Quarter - Only Reverence of the Creator Lord - Love with respectful fear of the Beloved Lord will prevail, and His Commands shall be obeyed lovingly.

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