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Following the success of Sikhi FM in 2002 – a community based radio station – a Sevadar (Sikh volunteer) from Wolverhampton began a website to continue the aim of the radio station which was to spread the message of Gurbani and bring together a youthful congregation. The website became unique in the sense that it uploaded keertan audio, videos, photography and much more without favoring any particular jathas (groups). The website quickly became popular and arguably one of the largest Sikh multimedia websites on the internet. However, the radio station was closed indefinitely and there were calls from the organizers of the station to close the branded website which had grown in popularity. In 2005, the name was changed to EKTA ONE. Ekta, in its simplest context, means Unity and the name was also an abbreviation for “Everyone Keeping Together As One”. The name became very popular and the website had a new, refreshed look and feel. It later relaunched as SikhRoots.com The team travel around the world where they are welcomed by Sikhs everywhere and are supported by jathas such as Damdami Taksaal, AKJ, GNNSJ, Buddha Dal and Nanaksar. They also have backing of Sikh organisations such as Khalsa Aid Charity, Sikh Federation, Council of Sikh Gurdwaras (UK) and many more.

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Amanpreet Singh (Wolverhampton, UK)