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Performing the 1st-ever Turban Crash Test !! Organized by Sikh scientist

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Hi, We at SikhScientists.com are getting together a group of scientists and enthusiastic people to work together for projects relevant and important to Sikhi. This is our one of the many projects which are lined up to become a reality. Today, we request your support and encouragement to help us perform the 1st-ever crash test on the Sikh Turbans to study the extent of protection that our 3 turban styles can offer to bicycle riders. We will be testing the normal Pagg (5.5 metres double), a Dumalla (8 to 10 metres) and a Keski (3.5 metres) for crash speeds equivalent upto 35 Mph. These tests will be performed in respect to the Road Safety Trust grant which is facilitating the use of the state-of-art crash test rig at the Imperial College London (UK). This is the number 1 institution that is working with Department of Transport and Road Safety Trust to perform tests on Helmets for the UK. Please help us raise £4000 for the crash test dummy heads, which the SikhScientistsNetwork has pledged to contribute. We assure you, that these experiments will be performed with highest dignity and keeping the Sikh Rehat Maryada upheld at all times. These results will help us to move to next stages, where we hope to request R&D funding to develop a force-absorbing turban material and moving up to military grade (bullet-proof) fabrics and so on. Please support us in this sewa !!

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