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    45 Hill Street
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    45 Hill Street, Tipton, England, DY4 8PP, UK
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    +44 07525900648 (Narinder Kaur Kooner) ; +44 07930492467 (Sahdaish Pall)
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    Sahdaish Pall and Narinder Kaur Kooner
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One to One Support

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Sometimes we get people asking what we do to help victims… If someone comes to us for help first we take time to listen to them and give them information and guidance as to next steps. we follow all the relevant procedures and take the details of the case. we do a professional assessment of the case (including one which is also done by the police to look at the level of risk). we do all the safety assessments and do a personal plan. we offer one to one support to the victim in all elements of the case. Each case is individual and it may mean helping with many issues eg. Temporary housing, housing applications, benefits claims, immigration issues, looking at the safety and welfare of children, attending police meetings, attending children’s safeguarding conferences, attending multi agency meetings, referring the victim to the police MARAC team and attending as the organisation referring, holding support group sessions and being there at times when the victim just needs someone to tell them “it will be alright” We can’t and won’t use victims to get publicity as we are there to support them through often one of the most horrific times of their life. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE THAT IS SUFFERING FROM ANY FORM OF ABUSE PLEASE CONTACT US ON help@swanempower.co.uk Or use the Urgent Help Contact form below. DONT SUFFER IN SILENCE! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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Sahdaish Pall (Chair)
T: 07930492467

Narinder Kaur Kooner (Vice-Chair)
T: 07525900648

Mandeep Kaur (Treasurer)
T: 07814392971