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On behalf of the team of Sikhs of NY we want to Thank everyone that came from far and near to support our cause every year! We were truly overwhelmed to see thousands of participants every year and support of the 1300+ volunteers registered who are extended family of Sikhs Of NY. Hope to see you all with all your loved ones on April 18th 2020 to celebrate Turban Day with Vaisakhi and make the Times Square more vibrant with different Turban Color and spread the message of unity and diversity by Tying Turbans. The movement has just started.....#TurbanDay2020 #TurbanDayNYC #IamASikh The purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness among all Americans and other World citizens about Sikhism and Turban and to help correct misperceptions about Turban through which we share the values of love, faith, equality and social justice. Turbans are tied to Americans and Non -Sikhs, and educational material is distributed by the volunteers.

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