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    Birmingham, United Kingdom
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    Shuranjeet Singh
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1) Social spaces, 2) University projects, 3) Faith centres, 4) Male mental health, 5) Research, 6) Training

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We believe that it is not enough to say that mental health is ‘acceptable’ to discuss, that individuals should feel OK with ‘not being OK’ or that it is ‘time to talk’. Importantly, we acknowledge the importance of social spaces in encouraging, holding, and sustaining those conversations effectively and safely. Even though we may accept mental health discussion at an individual level, within a group environment everything can change. We currently support a number of projects which look to craft bold social spaces where Punjabi communities can feel comfortable in discussing mental health, in sharing experiences, in listening to one another, and in developing empathetic and human relationships. We acknowledge the importance of spaces for narrower segments of Punjabi communities based on particular needs. To this end, we currently facilitate 3 types of spaces: one for Punjabi men, one for Punjabi women, and one aimed at Punjabi LGBTQ+ folks. Our open groups for Punjabi men started in December 2018. They now run every month in London, Birmingham and Brampton. These spaces are for Punjabi men to speak openly and honestly about mental health, resilience, life’s obstacles as well as a host of other topics. This forum aims to be inclusive and open, a space where Punjabi men can feel comfortable in discussing vulnerabilities and worries as well as coping mechanisms. Our open groups for Punjabi women started in February 2019. They currently run every month in London and Birmingham. These spaces are for Punjabi women and non-binary folks to speak about mental health and to share knowledge and experiences on a vast array of life topics. Much like our other forms, this space aims to foster mutual support and community building. Since mid-2019, we have also worked alongside Sarbat Sikhs, a charity aimed at advocating for LGBT Sikh communities, to co-facilitate a monthly support group for Punjabi LGBTQ+ folks in London and Birmingham. We recognise the particular experiences of LGBTQ+ Punjabis and want to ensure that everyone has access to mental health awareness, education and support. Our forums aim to smash stigma, encourage empathetic relationships, build confidence and prove that we can discuss mental health openly. 75% of suicides in the United Kingdom involve the death of a man whilst suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. This initiative is how Taraki started and it aims to share the experiences of Punjabi men in relation to mental illness to lift the cloak of silence currently discouraging men from openly discussing their mental health difficulties and stopping them from seeking relevant support. By presenting the experiences of Punjabi men around mental health challenges this initiative breaks down traditional ways in which we think about well-being and identity. Thank you to all of those who have contributed to this initiative and we hope that their courage can inspire others to speak up if they are finding it difficult to do so. We have included a small selection of submissions below. To see all of our submissions, please head to our Instagram.

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Shuranjeet Singh - Founder and Director
Santosh Kaur – Social Media Manager
Balraj Bains - Creativity Coordinator
Harkaran Singh – Coordinator (London)
Kulbir Sandhu - Coordinator (London)
Kuljit Bhogal - Coordinator (London)
Serena Chana - Coordinator (London)
Sukhjit Kaur - Coordinator (London)
Simranjit Kaur – Coordinator (London)
Navdeep Bhamra - Coordinator (Birmingham)
Sandev Panaser - Coordinator (Birmingham)
Amardeep Singh - Coordinator (Birmingham)
Harpriya Kaur - Universities Coordinator (East Midlands)
Caren Kaur - Universities Coordinator (London)
Kapré Bene - Social Media Content Creator