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    10656, Cilantro Court Ct Fontana, CA 92337, USA
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    Rashpal Singh Dhindsa
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More Than 125 Years of Sikh American History Comes to the Rose Parade. Sikhs are defined by their belief in one God, equality, justice, and community. They are taught to live their values every day through the principles of worship, work, and service. It’s core values are basically accepting people with different identities, backgrounds and cultures as one. At the end of the day, we are simply human beings trying to achieve greater purpose in life. The Sikh American story reflects American values, such as a dedication to family, hard and honest work, and an enterprising spirit. By sharing Sikh American history and heritage at the forefront of Rose Parade, we inspire to spread awareness, foster understanding and initiate dialogue about Sikhism and the shared value of service, social justice and an unshakeable belief in freedom and equality for all. Together, we can realize our vision and share the values we hold so dear.

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